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Commercial cleaners are the best in cleaning not just because that is their job, but because they often think of ways to be more efficient and more effective in cleaning. Most of the things we learned can definitely be applied to your home. Here are some of the hacks that we acquired over the years, traversing 7626 floors for our clients!

Efficiency Hacks

Have a cleaning plan

If you go ahead and just clean willy-nilly, you’ll end up doing more while accomplishing less. Plan out your cleaning strategy first, before cleaning. Planning before cleaning makes sure that you will finish cleaning in a set amount of time with less effort. This is especially useful if your kids wake up, or unexpected guests arrive.

De-clutter first before cleaning

This removes the obstacles you’ll have when sweeping, wiping or mopping. Place things on their respective containers so they will be out of your way when cleaning. Pro Tip: Use see-through, open-topped containers. This will make finding and getting things easier.

Do things by task, not by location

Let’s have an example. You’re going to clean two bedrooms. If you are going to finish cleaning one bedroom before proceeding with the next one, you’ll end up doing everything twice.

When you are sweeping, sweep every room in one go before proceeding with the next task. Not only will you be more efficient by having less effort, you’ll get less confused and distracted.

Save the biggest for last

Do easy tasks first before taking on bigger tasks. If you do the hardest task first, you will immediately lose energy and willpower to continue cleaning.

Start with the easiest things progressing to more challenging cleaning tasks. This builds up your energy momentum and this incentivises your mind because you are getting things done.

Effectivity hacks

Now, let’s have a lightning round. Here are some hacks to help you be more effective in cleaning:

Maximise visibility

You won’t be sure that you’ve cleaned well if you can’t see it clearly. Turn on the lights!

Speaking of lights, here’s another pro tip:

When you encounter broken glass, turn off your overhead light first. Then shine a flashlight on the floor to make sure that all the shards are removed.

Have a different rag for different purposes

Color coordinate your rags so you won’t cross contaminate. Bonus points if you have different colors for dry, damp and wet rags.

Swiping: Wiping in an ‘S’ pattern

This is the most effective motion when wiping stuff, even more effective than the circular motion. Start from the upper right corner of the surface, go left. After reaching the other side, go down a bit then swipe right, like Tinder.

Avoid back burners

We don’t mean postponing tasks, we mean it literally. As much as possible, avoid tasks that make you bend over. For example: If you’re going to replace curtains, instead of placing the new curtains on the floor, place them on a table so that they will be easier to reach. Use tools with long handles so you accomplish everything standing straight.

The ultimate tip: Call the experts!

To make sure that your house will be clean efficiently and effectively, why don’t we just do it for you? It will save you the hassle and can make you focus on the things that truly matter.

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