We take great pride in our work with pre-qualified, experienced cleaners for all sized jobs.

We are based in Sydney and Newcastle but we are constantly expanding. We also service the Central Coast, Coffs Harbour, Brisbane and Melbourne 

We are proud to say that we are one of the finalists in the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Northern Beaches Local Awards! This is because our team is

pre-screened, well trained, experienced and passionate not only in giving the best cleaning service, but in giving an awesome cleaning experience!

No matter how small or large the cleaning task is, we will not stop until we know that you are going to be more than satisfied with our cleaning!

Australian family company
Efficient quality control systems
Experienced, reliable team
Customised services

Our Story

My grandfather was my inspiration behind building my own team of cleaning professionals.

Back in 1984, he built Spruce, a cleaning company based in the UK. I used to help him with his cleaning business. I quit my job in the corporate world and was perusing a small business to buy, I looked at Cafés, Restaurants, Bars, and then I saw a cleaning run for sale, it was like a light bulb moment – all these memories came flooding back to me about working with my grandad in his cleaning company and I just knew it was right! It was 7pm at night, I called the seller and arrived at her house at 8pm, and by 9pm I had bought a business!

The idea of helping people with their cleaning needs just ignited my dream to follow my grandpa’s footsteps and build my own cleaning company.

It might be a small, common dream. Some might think it’s boring, because who loves to clean? (We do, okay?!) But years later, here we are thinking about our cleaning projects and our awesome clients, and hoping to meet more in the future.

Our Values


No Time For Grime upholds rigorous standards, consistently providing impeccable cleanliness through environmentally conscious practices, and delivering exceptional customer service. Our unwavering commitment to these high standards is aimed at ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our valued clients.


We understand that cleaners are often the unsung heroes behind the scenes, working diligently day and night to provide you with a clean and welcoming environment, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring they feel appreciated, valued, and respected through initiatives like our ‘Cleaner of the Month’ award, because it’s the little things that truly make a big difference!


We not only comply with the Modern Slavery Act by paying our staff above the awarded wage, but we also uphold its principles by actively addressing and reporting on modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains, promoting transparency, conducting due diligence, and raising awareness about this critical issue amongst our team and the public.


If you’ve got a specific cleaning challenge, we’d love to help you tackle it. Please get in touch with us.

02 8318 8006
13000 GRIME
17 / 108 Old Pittwater Road,
Brookvale NSW 2100
We service Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Coffs Harbour, Brisbane and Melbourne

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