Can the Konmari Method be applied to Commercial Cleaning?

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Since the Konmari Method is useful for personal and home cleaning, we can find it useful for commercial cleaning. Here are some of the principles of the method that we apply to commercial cleaning. First are principles applicable to our cleaning tasks.

Yes! We’re going to explain how we apply the KonMari Method to commercial cleaning.

Visualise how the place will look after cleaning

Having a plan makes the cleaning more efficient and effective.

Visualising takes it to another level. Having a plan visualised will entail clearer instructions or actions to do because it provides a clear goal of a finished service.

Clean by task, not by location

This is a very good idea. Doing things by task and not by location makes sure that tasks are not going to be repeated room to room.

It removes a possible bottleneck for a team if they have limited equipment. This also ensures that the tools needed for one specific task will be used for one whole duration. Having this mindset makes cleaning more efficient.

As much as possible, do it all in one go.

This idea involves having a huge scope to be tackled all at once, rather than doing tasks little by little, one by one. The latter involves little effort but takes so much time.

Efficiency isn’t just saving energy, it can also be measured by how ideas are implemented to consume less time as possible.

This is especially applicable for commercial cleaning since most jobs requested by our clients definitely requires us to finish on a specific deadline.

Digging deeper, this idea could also be interpreted as having one big pass with only one task, similar to the second idea.

Set a Timeframe

For commercial cleaning, this is very important as our clients need to back in business as soon as possible. This is a common practice for cleaning companies.

Setting a timeframe is not just applicable to setting an expectation to clients of when the job will be finished, this also applies to each task.

If each task has a specific timeframe, people will do their best to finish within the timeframe. It also promotes focus to a task, making sure it is up to our standards.

Lastly, like the first idea having a visualisation, having a timeframe keeps tasks organised, faster and more efficient.

Next, let’s talk about the principles that apply to equipment organisation.

A company, like ours, capitalises on being clean and organised. Not only financially, but even work-wise. Having organised tools and equipment makes tasks easier and faster which in turn secures quality of work and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Here are some ideas from the Konmari Method we apply to storage of our equipment.

Items should have a “home”

This is very logical but often forgotten. Each tool or equipment should have its own container and grouped according to category.

Organising Items by Size

Smaller items will not be covered by larger items, making it easier to access specific items.

Seeing everything also makes sure we can keep track of what equipment we need to replace soon, especially disposable items and cleaning agents.

Storing Things Vertically

Storing things vertically also improves visibility and access to items. Conversely, stacking items makes it harder to access and get a hold of.

Storing Items Based on Frequency of Use

This is a no-brainer. Things frequently needed should be closer for easier access.

Using clear boxes for storage

Clear boxes removes the guesswork of a box’s content.

Putting Things Back into Place After Use

Lastly and most importantly, correct handling of equipment means it should be returned to its proper place. This ensures that other people will know where to find a specific item for a specific cleaning task.

This also makes sure that tools and equipment are properly inventoried and stocks can be replaced on time should they be depleted.

The Konmari Method is a very helpful mindset when it comes to cleaning. It is aimed towards individuals who aim to clean and declutter their home but some ideas are really helpful for us on our day-to-day cleaning services.

If you want to see us use the Konmari Method in action, contact us to have your space cleaned!


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