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We are very excited and very proud to announce that Team Grime is an official partner and distributor of NanoSeptic products in Australia!

The New Clean™

The NanoSeptic products are part of NanoTouch’s New Clean™ initiative which are products with continuously self-cleaning surfaces. 

NanoSeptic products are powered by light. Think of it as like a mini solar panel, converting light into power so it’s very self-sufficient and it works 24/7. 

It utilises mineral nano-crystals which create a powerful oxidation reaction, it’s even stronger than bleach! The NanoSeptic surface continually oxidizes organic contaminants and breaks them down into base components such as CO2. 

This reaction also forms free radicals which acts as an additional cleaning agent. And all this is happening by itself with no buttons, no apps, and fussing about!

360 Degree Healthy Environment


Because of its self-sufficient nature, NanoSeptic products ensure a worry-free, healthier environment. And this is one of the aspects of a 360 degree healthy environment, mental health.

Being in a very anxiety-inducing situation because of the pandemic, one thing that people really want is the peace of mind and assurance that they are properly safe from any illnesses and NanoSeptic products definitely help with that.

You can rest assured that the products are working 24/7, especially in high-contact areas so that you, your employees, and your customers can be at ease and know that you are protected.

Environmentally Safe

NanoSeptic cares for you and your environment and it’s not just about your premises. The oxidation process is very safe for the environment. Nature itself uses the oxidation process to protect itself from harmful organic materials, so we can definitely say that it’s a very natural process and it’s eco-friendly.

Unlike traditional disinfectants and cleaners, the Nanoseptic surface uses no toxic substances, heavy materials or chemicals and nothing is released from the surface since the nano-crystals are molecularly bonded to the material.

Team Grime and NanoSeptic

Team Grime prides itself on giving to the community and helping local businesses. This partnership with NanoSeptic definitely will help our clients in accomplishing that.

We want our clients to successfully operate in this “new normal”. So with our excellent cleaning service plus NanoSeptic products, we can make sure that the businesses and establishments that we help are 100% safe and clean to their customers and clients!

We even use NanoSeptic products now in our headquarters to make sure that as we help clean your businesses, we ourselves are safe and clean to take on any cleaning services you might need.

Nano Septic is a new way of cleaning, it is another line of defence in ensuring that our clients and anyone else that wants to buy the product can stay safe.

So for your space to be clean all-around! We’ll be more than happy to offer our cleaning services, stock up on your cleaning items, take out your trash, and provide you with the latest and greatest cleaning technologies to make you, your co-workers, and your customers, safe, clean, healthy!

We will continue to help our local businesses operate safely and successfully throughout this new normal. We are all in this together and Team Grime will definitely help you in every way we can!


If you’ve got a specific cleaning challenge, we’d love to help you tackle it. Please get in touch with us.

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