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As businesses, there were so many unexpected expenses this year that we have to account for. Cleaning is now a big part of business expenses and the challenge is how to determine the value you get.

There is quite a complexity in determining the value you get, because commercial cleaning isn’t something that can be quantified easily. It would definitely be a benefit for the industry if we can do that, but it’s quite funny if you think about it. 

“Hey client, today we’ve disposed of 24 viruses, 76 allergens, 50 fungi, and 33 bacteria. Our service fee is $45.00. That means that we dispose of 1 harmful organism per dollar.” How we wish it were that easy.

Because of the complexity it takes to quantify a cleaning service, sometimes businesses can also overspend on cleaning services without knowing. So how can you determine if you get your money’s worth from a cleaning service?

Through Expertise

There is an old saying that if you are getting help from an expert, you are not paying for the service that they do, you pay for the expertise and experience they had that helps them perform their jobs better than anyone else. 

Not everyone can be an expert. It takes a lot of time, effort, mistakes, and experience to get there. And not everyone has that. 

Team Grime is proud to say that we train our team members extensively to make sure that they become experts in cleaning. We have years of experience and a large variety of clients we worked with that definitely gives us the edge to perform our best and give our signature Team Grime excellence!

And we also have been recognised by Local Business Awards as a finalist on the Northern Beaches leg of the competition. We are very proud to have this recognition and very thankful to all our clients that made our nomination possible! 

Through User Experience

The best way to determine if a cleaning service is worth your money is from the experience you get from them. And this applies to all businesses that offer services to their customers.

At Team Grime, one of our philosophies is “Going Beyond Cleaning”. We firmly believe that our job doesn’t stop when your place is squeaky clean. We also make sure that you have the best experience all throughout our service for you. 

Making sure that your belongings and pets are safe, giving you tips to improve health and safety, we are also trained in basic first aid and certified to make sure that if anything happens, WE are also safe inside your premises.

We also make sure that we can cater to your cleaning needs wherever you are, and we can arrive on time even at a late notice. That’s the reason that we frequently add to our vehicle fleet.

And lastly, we are currently doing what we can want to help our local business community get back on their feet and running optimally. We want to make sure that your business, your employees and your customers are safe and healthy to begin again in this new normal.

Yes, value can be very relative. But we can safely say that Team Grime can provide the best value for your business as we can provide the expertise and the great experience for your money’s worth!


If you’ve got a specific cleaning challenge, we’d love to help you tackle it. Please get in touch with us.

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