How to Keep Your Kitchen Holiday-Ready

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Your kitchen will be your main workstation for prepping for the holiday feast, so it's a must that you get it cleaned before the busy days come. Or take the opportunity this holiday to impress your guests with your sparkling kitchen space!

From annual family gatherings to simple family celebrations, the holiday season is our valid excuse for ditching our diets and eating to our heart’s content.


Make sure your fridge can store all your prepared dishes and leftovers, and that they won’t spoil.

  • Throw out anything there that you won’t use for the holidays, or anything nearing expiration.
  • Thoroughly clean your fridge to prevent bacteria from growing in your food. Dust the top of your fridge for dirt and webs. Soak the shelves and drawers in a basin with warm water and dishwashing soap.
  • Wipe all surface areas with commercial wipes or with a microfibre cloth, warm water, and dishwashing soap.
  • For stubborn grime, use baking soda mixed with water, leave for an hour then wipe with a damp sponge or cloth.

Cooking Surfaces

Before the cooking starts, clean your kitchen countertops and other cooking surfaces thoroughly!

  • For marble countertops, use a spray bottle with warm water, gentle dish soap, and some towels or microfibre cloths. Same with granite counters, along with some isopropyl alcohol.
  • Use granite sealers for cracks on your granite counters.

Other appliances

If you’re cooking a parade of dishes for your family and guests, you’ll need your oven, microwave, and stove to stay spick and span.


Create a baking soda paste by mixing a half cup of baking soda with water. Coat your oven with the paste, leave overnight, and wipe down with a cloth and white vinegar.


To clean the food residue inside your microwave, put water with a half a cup vinegar in a bowl in the microwave. After the steam has softened the residue, it would be easier to scrub them off.


  • Remove and soak the knobs in water with dishwashing liquid. Leave for a few minutes, then scrub the grease off.
  • Wipe the grease, spilled sauces and other dirt build-up with a wet sponge and dishwashing liquid. You can use kitchen towels to remove the water streaks.
  • Clean the grates with a scrub brush soaked in water and soap.

Cooking Utensils and Dinnerware

Clean your utensils and dinnerware first to avoid dishes from spoiling!


If your fresh-from-the-cupboard glasses look cloudy, pour 1-2 tbsp of lemon juice, then fill the remaining space with hot water. Leave it for three hours, then rinse and wash in warm, soapy water.


After washing your cutlery, use a soft lint-free cloth to dry it out. Don’t leave it to dry, or else the water and detergent can leave marks.

Chopping Boards

Rub detergent on the board and scrub it with a scrubbing brush. Rinse with hot water until the detergent is completely washed off.

Kitchen Utensils

Scrub every part of your kitchen utensil with warm soapy water and a brush or sponge after removing the detachable parts. Then dry with a clean paper towel.

Kitchen Sink

The sink is a breeding ground for germs since food particles are always present here.

Clean out the food particles by sprinkling baking soda all over your sink to break the particles without damaging your sink. Then, scrub with soap, sponge and hot water.

A clean kitchen this holiday? Yes, please!

With everyone busy for the holidays, the cleaning tasks might get pushed off. So do your cleaning routines weeks before the holidays!

It can be a tedious job, we know, but because we’re born to clean, we can handle the cleaning challenge for you! All you’ll have to worry about is the line of dishes you’ll prepare for the holidays.


If you’ve got a specific cleaning challenge, we’d love to help you tackle it. Please get in touch with us.

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