Privacy Talks: How to Protect Your Privacy When Hiring A Cleaning Service

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Cleaning doesn't have to be an invasion of your personal space. Discover how you can check your cleaning service's privacy policy.

You might be eyeing a cleaning service for your cleaning needs, or you’re still looking for one. No matter your situation, it’s important to consider one important factor before closing the deal – your privacy

Some people fail to consider this part, assuming that cleaners already have security and privacy policies. But if you want to prevent unwanted situations (damage to property, accessing personal/sensitive items, stealing of items), you need to consider having privacy talks with your cleaning service.

Do a thorough background check

Check the cleaning service for their credentials – are they registered as a legal business, what cleaning projects have they done before, etc.

Tip: Go for cleaning services with repeat customers, because their feedback are proof of their performance and credibility.

You also have the right to ask for a copy of background checks done on employees who’ll be working at your home. Just ask and we’ll provide that for you!

Check for uniforms

Uniforms function like IDs – when an employee wears them, they’re recognized as part of that company/organization. It’s also easier to identify who’s authorized to enter your home/building’s premises and keep unauthorized individuals away.

NTFG values the importance of wearing a uniform. It makes us identifiable and clients feel more comfortable when they encounter us!

Make sure you have a contract

A cleaning service contract covers all important details and agreement between you and your cleaning service, such as:

  • What services will the company provide and their costs
  • When and how you’ll pay
  • Cleaning insurance you’re entitled to
  • Terms of agreement regarding accidents, property damage, injuries
  • The scope of the cleaning service’s responsibility

Keep important documents and items in a secure storage

To avoid having your important items misplaced during the cleaning process, collect and store them in a secure area. It also saves you the worry of having your items lost, misplaced, or worse, stolen.

If possible, keep tab of the items at your home building. This way, after the cleaning process is done, you can easily check if everything was put back in place.

Clarify the number of cleaners who’ll work on your home/building.

This is to keep track of strangers entering your home/building and determine who and how many are working on different sections of your home/building.

Check if your CCTVs are running.

It’s easier to monitor every area being cleaned in just one monitor. And even if you’re away while the cleaning happens, you can easily go back to your CCTV videos and check their performance. You can easily catch questionable behaviors there or simply check how the cleaners do their magic.

And admit it. Sometimes it’s satisfying to watch the dirt getting washed off, right?

Specify which items/areas your cleaners are allowed to handle/access.

Make sure the cleaners know which areas they’ll be cleaning, as well as restricted areas/items they’re not supposed to clean. For instance, will you allow them to clean your closets/drawers/desks? Are they restricted from your bedroom/office?

Some cleaning companies prepare a list of the items and areas they’ll handle/access for your approval. You can let us know what areas/items you want to leave untouched. The risk of liability is reduced, and it’s a win-win situation for you and your cleaning service!

Privacy + Performance = The Perfect Cleaning Service

When choosing a cleaning service, make sure to go for a company that values your personal space while delivering sparkly performance. Cleaning doesn’t have to feel like an invasion of your privacy!

At Team Grime, we value the personal space of our clients. We want you satisfied and comfortable with your cleaning service. Check out our dirt-busting services and let us handle your cleaning needs!


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