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Here at Team Grime, we always pride ourselves in always providing an awesome service to our clients. And the way that we gauge that is through these Codes provided to us by the NSW Government website.

The key to being compliant in all industries is not through direct knowledge of all of the legislation, standards, and initiatives. We believe the best way to be compliant is to simply follow the Code of Ethics and Conduct because it’s easier to remember principles than policies.

Commercial Cleaning is one of the most crucial and complex services out there since it involves so many things that are very impactful to the people around. It involves health, safety, security, and the environment in general which most of the industries have no direct responsibility to. 

We think that it’s also very important for business owners to understand these Codes so that they know the right expectations to have and to relatively gauge what is truly an overall great service.

The Ethical Framework

The NSW government’s Code of Ethics and Conduct revolves around 4 core values: Integrity, Trust, Service, and Accountability. 

This ensures a great working environment, providing the best outcomes, and keeps the public’s confidence in our services.

The NSW Government provides a set of questions for each value to help businesses assess themselves:

  • Integrity: Would your colleagues say you have considered the views of all stakeholders and customers and acted in the right way when making decisions, even if it was to your disadvantage?
  • Trust: Would your actions, if they became public, build confidence in the Department of Customer Service and the public sector?
  • Service: Would your customers say that your actions improve the quality of the services they receive?
  • Accountability: Would your Leader and the Secretary say that your actions are in the public interest and comply with the law?

You, as consumers, can also use these questions to gauge if service providers you engage are doing a good job.

For us at Team Grime, the 4 core values are really integral for us to do our job well. 

  • We need to have integrity after being given access to business properties, especially if we are doing late hour cleaning
  • We need to gain your trust for us to be welcomed again
  • We need to provide good service because that’s our mission and our job
  • We need to be accountable for everyone’s health and safety.

Upholding the Public Interest

You’ll notice there is a lot of emphasis on public interest in the assessment questions. The NSW Code of Conduct has a great and lengthy explanation for that. 

But for Team Grime, we are fully committed to the public interest because it is in the nature of our service. We cater to the safety and health of our clients and the customers of our clients, and we are always about helping the community. 

And cleaning commercial sites always adds benefit to the public that uses it. So we really believe that No Time For Grime is really integrated to meet the needs of the public interest.

Customer Commitments

As we mentioned earlier, we cater to our clients and their customers so the Customer Commitments are applicable to both those parties. Here’s an infographic of the Customer Commitments. Again, you can use this as a guide to gauge any business that provides you service.

We are very confident that we uphold all of these commitments to our clients and our clients’ customers. 

We have different channels of communication for clients to engage with us, we are always putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes, we recently purchased another batch of vehicles to improve our timeliness, we are clear in giving expectations, we go beyond cleaning, and we always put forth our best efforts for our community.

And I think the best testament to this is our 2nd time nomination as a Finalist for the Northern Beaches Local Business Awards!

We couldn’t have done it without all of your support. And we aim to always improve our level of service and to maintain the Codes of Conduct that we follow by heart.

But we don’t just follow it just for compliance’s sake, we follow it because we are really invested and interested in maintaining and improving our signature Team Grime service!

If you want to learn more about the Codes of Conduct, here’s the link:

We hope that it will be as beneficial for you as it is for us!


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