Professional Cleaning Tips for Spring

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Spring cleaning can be thorough with these professional tips.

Tip #1: Wash and open the windows

High humidity encourages dust mites and fungi to grow. Freshen the stale air by opening and cleaning your windows.

Take down the curtains and blinds first before cleaning around the sill and the frame. Use a glass cleaner and microfibre towel or squeegee to avoid streaks on the glass. Remember to not clean the windows on a sunny day since they will dry too quickly and result in a streaky finish.

Tip #2: Tidy all surfaces

Wipe away bugs and germs by ensuring that all the surfaces are properly cleaned. Go further than the usual kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Clean regularly used things like door handles or knobs, rails, and more since these may pick up all sorts of germs that can easily pass through body contact.

Tip #3: Gently vacuum the refrigerator condenser coils

Dust off the coils to keep your fridge running efficiently. Remove the refrigerator’s kick plate and vacuum around and over the coils. Once you’re done, you can start cleaning the insides of your fridge, too!

Tip #4: Clean the upholstery

Eating food while on the sofa leaves crumbs and attracts pests inside the house. Keep your sofa, cushions and other upholstered furniture clean by vacuuming.

Tip #5: Deep clean your carpets

Banish dust, stains, dirt, and other bacteria accumulated in the past months. Refresh your home carpet using a vacuum or have them professionally cleaned if needed.

Tip #6: Don’t forget to clean under the furniture and appliances

These places have definitely accumulated food crumbs and dust over time. Sweep, wipe, or vacuum to clean and use this time to rearrange your furniture!

Tip #7:Audit the pantry

Remove cans and boxes then sweep and vacuum-clean the food crumbs and dust on the shelf. It’s also a great time to check and see if each item is past their expiry date or not before organising them back in the cupboard.

Tip #8: Eliminate bed bugs and mites

Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Make sure you wash or dry-clean your duvets and vacuum the mattress.

Tip #9: Clean your outdoor furniture

Prevent damage by maintaining your outdoor furniture. Clean and cover them when it’s raining so everything will be in good condition for the next season.

Tip #10: Check and clear gutters

Do yourself a favour and clear the gutters. Jammed leaves and debris stops the rain from properly flowing through the gutter which leaves you a bigger mess to take care of. Other issues can also arise from a clogged gutter.

Want to make everything easier?

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