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Finally, after months of seemingly never-ending bad news, we had our much-needed pick-me-up: the reopening of businesses. That’s one step closer to beginning our “new normal”. But even with this good news, we still have to be very careful.

Luckily, our government has provided very comprehensive guidelines for businesses to follow. Safety precautions to ensure that our businesses and our patrons, clients, and customers are safe from the virus.

On this blog, we will focus on NSW’s “COVID Safe Businesses” guidelines.

General Guidelines

Aside from the specific steps to become a registered COVID safe business, we need to follow first the existing advice and rules from NSW Health that continue to apply to businesses.

  • Businesses have a limit of 10 customers at one time in the premises.
  • Each customer should have a minimum of 4 square meter distance between each other.
  • If the space is small and the 4 square meter distance cannot be achieved, the amount of customers inside the premises must be reduced.

To have more specific information, click on the links:

And if there are rules that are not specified on the COVID safe businesses guidelines, you can look back at the general guidelines. But if you have more questions, you can contact the local government.

Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan

The first step in being a COVID safe business is to fill out a safety plan. Here’s what you need to keep in mind. Even though ONLY SOME businesses are required to complete it, ALL businesses are required to keep a copy of the form.

So, we definitely recommend filling out the form even if it’s not required.

It would help give guidance and advice to keep your customers and your business safe. Also, it is a prerequisite to having your business registered as officially COVID safe.

The safety plans depend on your specific industry. Click here to find the plans for your industry or click here for a general safety plan and for other industries that are not specified.

Register and Show That You’re Business is COVID Safe

The second most important thing after making your business safe is to let your customers know that your business is safe.

The best way to do that is to register your business as COVID safe.

Registering your business lets the government know that you are committed to ensure your business and your customers are safe.

Once registered and proven that your business is safe, the NSW government will also give you resources such as online badges that you can post to your digital and social channels, and physical posters that can be posted on your premises.

Lastly, being a registered COVID safe business empowers your customers by giving them the power to provide real-time feedback about your business safety.

Implementing the Guidelines is the First Step

These guidelines are just the setup to make your business safe.  Stay updated on these guidelines by checking the portal everyday. Make sure that your staff and customers are following the guidelines.

Most important than ever, keep your premises clean and sanitized.

We can help you with that!  Our Covid-19 / Germ Control Division is equipped with hospital-grade disinfectants to perform deep cleaning and assist local businesses on the road to recovery. Book us now!


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