Beyond Cleaning: The Best Commercial Cleaning Experience

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Cleaning doesn’t end when all the dirt is gone, and the floors are shiny. It goes so much more than that. The best possible way to provide good service is to provide a positive experience.

Here are other things No Time For Grime does besides cleaning to make sure you have an awesome experience with our team!

Respecting Privacy

There is a misconception that gossiping cannot be helped. This is plainly wrong. The best commercial cleaning services have a protocol about privacy and integrity. 

At No Time For Grime, we always keep in mind that only physical dirt and trash goes out. If we find anything questionable or sensitive, we inform the client immediately instead of spreading the info to coworkers.

We make boundaries clear when it comes to cleaning. There is a big difference between stumbling upon something and actively snooping. Simple things such as opening the desk drawers of our business clients is a big no-no.

Professionalism and common courtesy are expected. We also have guidelines to have proper actions when it comes to these things.

One Stop Shop: Cleaning, Stocking and Auditing Materials

No Time For Grime prides itself as a set-and-forget service. We supply and stock materials for our commercial clients:

  • Paper products – toilet roll and hand towels
  • Air fresheners and dispensers
  • Soap and Dispensers
  • Waste services and recycling solutions
  • Sanitary bin solutions

We know you are busy and we want to remove as much hassle from you as possible. This way, not only will you operate in a clean place, you also have all of the cleaning and hygienic materials replenished and ready for use by your employees and/or customers.

Honesty, Integrity and Accountability

We know that relationships with our clients always start with trust. We are given access to businesses, establishments and homes. Upholding the trust of our clients is of utmost priority to us.

There may be times that even with so much precaution, things unintentionally or accidentally break. We always let our clients know about these things. Items inside an establishment are audited first before cleaning to make sure that when you come back, all of the items are in their respective places.

We want to make sure that the property of clients are safe with us and we take responsibility should anything happen.

Awareness of Surroundings

Our main job is cleaning but we don’t forget the other aspect of our job, service. We make sure that you know what we saw on our job as if you’re there. We report faulty equipment, structural damage that you might not notice.

We also are considerate with your neighbours. Our job can be noisy sometimes and we take action to make sure that we don’t disturb your neighbours.

Lastly, we love pets! We will take proper care of them while cleaning to make sure that even your pets will be happy with our service.

A Service Your Can Count On

The best commercial cleaning experience would be a service that you can just leave on your establishment and forget about. Once you come back, you’ll be ready to work again with a nice and clean environment.  It’s more than just improving the health and safety of your business but also improving the overall mood and morale of your work environment.

Anyone who is a part of the service industry is familiar with the term “extra mile.” It’s doing what’s beyond the expectations of the client. For us, going the extra mile is just our normal pace. A part of our culture. We don’t settle for good service, we aim for an excellent experience.

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