10 Tips For Your House Cleaning Maintenance

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House cleaning maintenance can be tedious, frustrating and time-consuming for most people. We can name a hundred things you’d rather do than find the time to clean the house!

But keeping every nook and cranny of your house clean is important. Leaving your house cleaning maintenance duties behind could bring you a handful of problems – from higher risk to diseases to less productivity and headache-inducing surroundings you can barely move in.

Keeping your house shouldn’t be as frustrating as many of us think it is. Here are 10 general tips to follow for a less tedious and easier house cleaning maintenance!

Tip #1: Segregate your trash.

This makes it easier for you to throw them out during garbage collection. No more sticky, dirty trash messing with the dry trash. Who knows? You might even find some stuff worth recycling.

Tip #2: If it’s not dirty, save it for another time.

House cleaning maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean cleaning everything, especially those areas that are still clean and dust-free. For instance, when cleaning book shelves or kitchen cupboards, the top shelves are less dustier than the lower ones. In this case, clean the lower shelves first.

Tip #3: Use the right cleaning tools.

It’s ideal to wear cleaning aprons so you can easily hang your tools and store cleaning supplies (sprays, cloth, etc.) in the pockets. It also saves you the back and forth of running to gather your cleaning supplies and tools.

Carry some garbage bags with you while cleaning too, so you can easily toss every trash you find while cleaning.

Tip #4: Do the small cleaning tasks frequently.

If you can do a cleaning task in 10 minutes or less, like washing the dishes, do it as soon as you can. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed when you do the larger cleaning tasks later on. Sweep the floor every night. Clean your kitchen counters immediately when spills happen.

Tip #5: Always have a stock of personal hygiene items.

You could also be a carrier of germs, especially when coming from outside, so make sure to always have items available for sanitary purposes. These include soaps, sanitizers, hand wipes and rubbing alcohol.

Tip #6: Keep the air around you as clean as possible.

Clean the vents of your HVAC and make sure no dust gets left behind. You can also place air sanitizers in different areas of your home to eliminate airborne germs and fight unwanted odors and allergens like mold spores. Clean air means no dust landing on surfaces and no allergies or risk of diseases from air pollution.

Tip #7: Set times for cleaning routines.

It’s easier to stick to your cleaning maintenance tasks when you have a definite time set for these. Organize your cleaning schedule by room priority to make your cleaning more time and energy-efficient.

Tip #8: Disinfect all touch points, those areas with high risk of getting in contact with germs, viruses and diseases.

These touch points could include door knobs, light switches, appliances’ buttons, TV remote, etc. Use a microfiber cloth sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner for disinfecting them.

Tip#9: Delegate other cleaning tasks to other people in the house.

Doing all the cleaning alone can drive you insane, especially when it’s a large home you’re trying to clean. Give the lighter cleaning tasks to the kids, like making their own bed. Then delegate the larger and challenging ones to the other adults at home, whether weekly or monthly.

But if you’re on your own…

The last and easiest tip: Call a professional cleaning service.

If your schedule is fully packed and you can’t find a minute or so to spare for some cleaning tasks, leave the cleaning maintenance to the professionals. You can save both time and energy without spending too much!

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