The Question Never Asked: How Do Cleaners Keep Themselves Safe

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For you to be safe, we need to be safe for you as well. Here’s what we do to make sure that we avoid all the health and safety hazards we can face while still delivering our awesome experience.

Safety Protocol

We make sure that everyone is on the same page and everyone knows what each task is. Most common accidents can be prevented with proper communication.

Here are some of the safety guidelines that we have:

  • Don’t settle for better safe than sorry. It’s best we’re safe. Period.
  • Only use tools and equipment ONLY for its intended purposes.
  • Follow procedures as instructed, especially when handling chemicals.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Lift with your legs, not your back.
  • Prevention first, protection secondary.

Ear Protection

We have powerful equipment to clean, and with great power comes great noise. Noise can could lead to tinnitus or worse, hearing loss. We wear ear plugs or ear muffs when operating loud equipment.

Eye Protection

If there are risks of liquids splashing, dust or chemical vapors, we wear eye protection. 

Skin Contact Protection


Some tough cleaning need natural and man-made chemicals to make sure that the surroundings and equipment get disinfected. Some are strong enough to cause serious burns on the skin.


Maybe you’ll say that, “Well, you can dust it off.”, but dust can contain allergens, bacteria, fungi or any microorganisms that could harm our skin if it comes to contact.

We protect our skin with long sleeved clothes and wear gloves to make sure we don’t touch harmful substances.

Slipping Protection

We use gloves to minimize the risk of handheld equipment slipping, and we wear anti-slip boots when dealing with slippery floors.

Falls/Falling Debris Protection

If we have a way to reach it without climbing, we’d do that first. Here’s us cleaning a high window.

However there might be cases in which we really need to climb, especially when cleaning windows. We use safety ladders first, but if not applicable, we also have climbing harnesses. Here’s us with a safety harness, happily cleaning windows.

Respiratory Protection

If the risk is not that much, we use a simple face mask. It will lessen the risk of inhaling mild fumes and lessens the discomfort when dealing with bad smells.

However, if stronger chemicals are going to be used or we will be dealing with places that have toxic fumes, we use full blown respirators. It keeps us safe while also making us look cool.

Clean and Safe

According to EHS Today on their study last 2016, cleaning professionals have a higher percentage of  having a workplace injury than other workers in the private industry. That is the risk we are willing to face everyday.
But we don’t face risk head-on, without our proper training, safety protocol, risk management and safety equipment.

To make sure we give you the best experience as possible, we make sure that we are safe and comfortable while delivering our commercial cleaning services and that’s the NTFG guarantee!


If you’ve got a specific cleaning challenge, we’d love to help you tackle it. Please get in touch with us.

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