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Technology is advancing faster and faster everyday. Innovation is on the rise even though we already thought that nothing could be invented anymore. Every industry is being changed and disrupted (in a good way) by tech and commercial cleaning is one of them. Here are recent examples of ideas and implementations that could change commercial cleaning forever.

Robotics and Internet of Things

The smart home. It’s the pinnacle of convenience. The house cleans itself with scheduled robotic vacuum cleaners that clean your house when you leave.

Appliances are connected to the internet so that you can check them whenever, wherever you are. Then, as icing on the cake, you don’t even have to touch anything to get something done. You just call your assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby and what have you) and tell them your instructions.

This approach to cleaning is now spreading from homes to commercial cleaning. As The Robot Report covers, it’s a natural step to take. Commercial cleaning techniques and equipment have been already there for years, it’s the perfect time for an update.


Drone technology has been long explored for use cases due to its great mobility, speed, portability and most especially, its ability to fly. It’s perfect for tasks that require those things.

Now, drones are cleaning windows off high buildings. It’s one of the best use cases for drones! It doesn’t need bulky equipment, it doesn’t put people in danger and it’s fast at its job.


Technology is not just about fancy robots and drones. It’s also about advancements in processes or materials. Now that more people are more aware than ever about caring for the environment, commercial cleaning companies that manufacture equipment and products are thinking of innovations for less waste and less damaging effects to the environment.


Up until now, to know that you receive a good cleaning service is to visually check the place. In the near future, it will be more objective with data-driven cleaning. It’s using data gathered from equipment or personnel to see progress, analyze trends and adjust the cleaning process to make the service as efficient and effective as possible.

There are other use cases for software. This is more on the administrative side of commercial cleaning.

Now, time management, scheduling and productivity of the team could be worked on by the management using software online using the cloud.

Commercial cleaning businesses could manage their payroll through software. That includes timesheets and accounting. This makes information about payments accessible and more transparent using apps.

Even client-side software can make transactions easier, more transparent and a seamless experience. Imagine contacting NTFG, tracking our progress, messaging/calling us for any other arrangement up until paying us can be done through your smartphone. Software solutions will make every transaction as smooth as possible.

Embracing the Future

The only way towards progress is to go forward. These innovations are so exciting and we can’t wait to check these out to make our service for you even better!


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