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Australia is one of the better-performing countries in the world when it comes to dealing with COVID-19. We’ve beaten the curve. We are on our way to recovery and it’s not far off that we’ll be moving to continue where we left off. But for us to continue, we have to start first with the businesses.

Why Businesses Should Be Opened First

One of the things that should be considered but often ignored is the positive feelings we get by going out again. Businesses are a big part of reinforcing that positive feeling.

If you think about it, most of our reasons for going out are related to businesses. First, we go out because we have to go to work. Working is essential to the human psyche.

It provides people with a much-needed goal or purpose. Whether it’s the feeling of fulfilment by accomplishing something, the feeling of being responsible, or just the simple joy of earning money.

Sometimes, it’s also the interactions between your friends and colleagues. Working together to reach a common goal, making discoveries, learning, or just simply serving the community, these are all positive things brought about by businesses.

Another point is that businesses will provide the liveliness of the environment. Imagine going out and everything is still closed. I think it wouldn’t give a feeling of freedom. It would feel like there’s no point in going out.

So for us to move forward and slowly continue what we left, we have to make our businesses operational. And it is a team effort. It will be accomplished through complete cooperation among the government, the businesses themselves, their employees, volunteers, and the consumers.

We Need to Make Customers Feel Safe

Now, it’s not enough to ensure that we do all of the health and safety guidelines by ourselves, we also need to let the customers know about those measures. We need people to be safe, and we also have the responsibility to also make them feel safe.

We can do that by highlighting our safety measures through multimedia. We can place posters on our establishments highlighting safety measures, we can make some infographics or even a short video, we can post on our business social media accounts, send email announcements, etc.

It is very important for people to feel safe, especially in these times. It’s for the benefit of everyone for us to further transition into going back to our new normal.

We Go Beyond Cleaning!

We always go beyond cleaning, and we feel that these conversations are crucial to be had as we are directly affected by COVID-19 and all these developments.
If we can do something to help, we will definitely do that, especially for our clients and communities. But we don’t just help through information.

We recently received an emergency cleaning stimulus from the NSW government! That allows us to help NSW communities with what we do best, cleaning

And also, we’re very proud to announce that we’ll be soon deploying our COVID-19 Cleaning Division equipped with hospital-grade disinfectants to perform deep cleaning and assist local businesses on the road to recovery.

The most important lesson we learned in these trying times is this: Even though we may be experiencing difficult times, helping each other will always make everything better, faster.

If you need help with cleaning or disinfecting your businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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